270520 ABOL

The plan for this blog is to keep track of personal thoughts as well as to log and explicit the processes about researches and projects I am – and will be – developing. Also, it will help me share and store in one place the discoveries I make on the World Wide Web.

Setting things in stone regularly will hopefully keep me motivated doing what I like to do, as well as leaving some traces for me (or whoever else) to look back into. On top of this, as I’m gradually getting more and more tired of FB and IG, putting some effort in publishing something personal on a website sounds quite appealing and satisfying, although time consuming.

As I am writing I am in the process of developing my final project for my MA thesis. While I was diving into something called linear recursive exponential filter for an Arduino + Processing program I am putting together, I randomly remembered the existence of WordPress, and thought I could take a break from the conglomerates of mono-spaced letters to give it a shot.

So here is the infamous linear recursive exponential filter in a graphical representation, the reason why I’m actually writing this first post:

It should (partly) get rid of the noise from the analog-to-digital signal output from the Arduino to be fed into Processing as a cleaned-up input. The signal I was previously feeding Processing was brutally flickering due to too high analog signal sensitivity (I guess). Hopefully I will have it figured out before the sun goes down (precisely at 21:48).

Also, I’m gonna start now with a weekly favourite album – I’m already struggling to embed the Bandcamp Player to this post, WordPress don’t fail me already. This will be just some personal musical interests that I recently discovered and that in one way or another got stuck into my brain.

As it’s always been, I’m currently in one of my obsessions phase, plummeting down the rabbit hole of stuff I like – until I get tired of it and turn page to the next interest. This mainly consists of watching hours of content on YouTube, as well as reading academic papers and Reddit posts on the matter.

The ongoing obsession is film and image scoring, so soon will follow thoughts on movie and OST compositions.

A few notes.

First of all: I am embracing the font / theme uglyness that is at my disposal here on Wordperss, so don’t judge me on that. Also, I’m sure keeping it limited cuts the crap down so I can just focus on one thing at the time (i.e. what I write instead of me pretending to be a web designer, finding the perfect typeface, etc.).

Second: I will put my commitment to the WordPress, and hopefully come up with a weekly (or bi-weekly) schedule with thoughts, insights and material to be posted regularly.

Third: I’m definitely not used to writing on a blog, hence my hesitation on even posting these first couple of lines. Looking forward to gain some fluency on this regard.